Care for Jewellery

Caring For Your Opal Jewellery

Enjoy your purchase from Lost Sea Opals and care for it just as you would any other jewellery.

Lost Sea Jewels' quality opal jewellery is made to last. Simply take care to avoid hazards such as hard surfaces, abrasive materials, extreme heat or harsh chemicals, and you can expect years of pleasure from your Lost Sea Jewels opal jewellery.

To keep your jewellery clean and bright, clean it from time to time with a jewellery cloth, which can be purchased from your local jeweller. If your much-loved opal jewellery accumulates a build-up of grime, you can wash it using a fine toothbrush in warm water with a few drops of household dishwashing detergent.

And should your opal jewellery lose its polish or become scratched, it can in most cases be repolished to restore its beautiful original appearance. Make sure you take your jewellery to a professional jeweller with extensive experience working with opal; or contact Lost Sea Opals and we can arrange to repolish your precious opal jewellery.

If you have any questions about care of yor opals or opal jewellery, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice at